Psychotherapy and Consultation

Hello! I am a licensed psychoanalyst and gender specialist who consults with individuals, couples and families in New York City.

Rarely is psychotherapy a quick fix, but whether in a time-focused consultation or during sessions that span years, it can be a space that offers direction or calm, inspires curiosity and bravery, reveals sources of unsettling tendencies and attachments, brings closure where needed, and ushers in new possibilities. The therapy endeavor can be filled with energy and clarity, locating desire and its impediments. Or it may surface conflict and pain, new dilemmas, and doubt. Its specific purpose and aims are personal, but psychotherapy offers the potential for movement, change, and ultimately growth in a judgment-free atmosphere of compassion and respect. 

My work continually finds its way back to grappling with how to live in a body: a trans or gender-nonconforming body, a fat body, a sexual and sexualized body, a traumatized body, an aching body, an ill body, an infertile body, a hated body, a mourning body, a declining body.

My ideas flourish where psychoanalysis meets intersectional feminism, buttressed by client-centered principles of Harm Reduction, Gender Affirmative Care, and Health At Every Size—perspectives that shape how I understand the emotional lives of people and how they are embodied; their constraints and choices; their burdens and wishes; their cultures, their kinship structures, and the relational worlds they inhabit.

Contact Dr. Baker-Pitts

1044 Madison Avenue, suite 5F, NY, NY. 10075